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Can homeopathic medicines be taken in conjunction with other medicines?


Homeopathic medicines generally work well alongside conventional medicines. As each type of medicine is working on different levels there are no contra-indications. The requirements for long-term medications may change during the course of homeopathic treatment, however, conventional medicines should never be discontinued with consulting your medical doctor.


One instance where homeopathic and conventional medicines should not be taken together is where the conventional medicine has a suppressive action. For example the use or cortisone creams on skin conditions. Your homeopathic medicine works from within out and corticosteroid creams oppose this.



How do I take homeopathic medicines?


The medicines are to be taken sublingually at least 10 minutes away from anything else in the mouth. This includes food, drink, toothpaste, tobacco, coffee, chewing gum, etc.



How do I store my homeopathic medicines?


Store your homeopathic medicines away from extreme heat, sunlight and not in the fridge. The medicines should be kept away from electrical appliances such as microwave ovens and mobile phones. Strong smelling substances such as camphor, mentholated liniments, and strong perfumes should also be avoided.



Are there any side effects?


There are no toxic side effects from homeopathic medicines. Improvement of symptoms can be immediate, however, reactions to the medicines can vary and in some cases there may be a temporary worsening of the symptoms prior to improvement.