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The Consultation

Homeopathic treatment is specific to the individual, so in order to find the best medicine for you, your Homeopath needs to fully understand you and your symptoms.


The initial consultation can take up to 1½ hours where a full case history is taken. This consultation covers, in detail, your symptoms and may go into things such as medical history, family history, lifestyle, sleep patterns, reactions to things such as food and weather, and consideration of your mental and emotional state.


Follow-up, acute conditions and children’s consultations are generally shorter.



The medicines


Homeopathic medicines are made from any substance in the natural world. Infinitesimal doses are prepared following very specific instructions according to international pharmacopeia guidelines. The medicines are under the control of the Therapeutic Goods Administrations (TGA).


The medicines are very dilute and therefore safe and free from serious adverse reactions. They are safe for use by all ages; from babies to the elderly, during pregnancy and lactation.



Recent testimonials


"My daughter Matilda had a sticky eye from two weeks after birth. Every day her right eye would weep a yellow discharge that, whilst not being that bad, just wouldn’t go away. When Tilda was 4 months old, with no sign of the problem resolving itself, I made an appointment with Homeopath, Lisa Carter. Although I had never seen a Homeopath before, I decided to go down this road after talking to a friend who had a great deal of success treating her children with homeopathic remedies. The consultation with Lisa was extremely thorough; she asked many questions about my and my daughter’s physical and emotional well-being and behaviour patterns.


It made perfect sense that most of Lisa's questions were directed to me due to my innate connection to my daughter through pregnancy and breastfeeding. The consultation was fascinating and through her many questions Lisa prescribed a homeopathic remedy for Tilda, which we started her on straight away. After three days of treatment Tilda's weeping eye had completely cleared up and I was nothing short of amazed! Lisa was diligent with her follow up phone calls and gave clear and precise instructions on administering the remedy. Lisa has subsequently treated other members of my family with success and I now consider homeopathic practice an important part in my overall approach to my family's health and wellbeing".


Clare Perkins



"I have suffered from chronic idiopathic urticaria twice in the past 3 years. In addition to experiencing chronic itching, swelling and bloating, I was deliriously exhausted, stressed, anxious and depressed. After initially consulting with a GP and dermatologist, I was taking antihistamine tablets on a daily basis every 4 hours in addition to cortisone tablets twice a day. All this was having no impact whatsoever.


It was not until I began treatment with Lisa, that I noticed, even remotely, any changes or improvement to my condition. Rather than just administer me with pills and tablets and advise me to "just ride it out", Lisa took an individual and caring holistic approach to my condition, treating my symptoms from an "inside-out" perspective. After a few consultations and taking the remedies for a short time, I began to feel calm, relaxed and focused and seemed to develop a new-found clarity I didn’t previously possess. Needless to say, the urticaria disappeared!


I sincerely hope I have seen the last of the urticaria, but should it ever return again, I know exactly who to go straight to!


Karen Burai



"Meeting Lisa Carter over 4 years ago and commencing homeopathic treatment for the first time has been an exceptional support to my emotional and physical ‘imbalances’!! I approached homoeopathy unaware and was so surprised on what could be achieved by this unique medicine. Before this, I had done counselling, workshops, herbal medicines, lotions etc but the ultimate results, giving me life-long results, were the remedies prescribed by Lisa. They are always so accurate to my personal needs and her professional and instinctive healing powers never cease to amaze me. The determination to heal her patients is obvious in her research and follow-up consultations ensuring that I am always on the right track and any possible aggravations which homeopathy welcomes are well managed and understood.


Being aware of ourselves, in both body and mind are the basic steps to healing any ailment. I’m a true believer that homeopathy is a perfect tool. I encourage anyone to find the right Homeopath who will take a 100% personal interest in their patient making sure you maximise the benefits of your complete being".


Paola Bamonte



"I'm woman in my late fifties, I have suffered for a very long time with a condition. URINARY TRACT INFECTION - CYSTITIS.


I have had this problem since I was a teenager, seeing doctors, best urologists and taking medication almost all my life.


The relief was only temporarily. Having this problem can be very stressful. I was feeling depressed and lost, because I didn't know where to turn. I heard about HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT and NOT KNOWING HOW IT WORKS I made a wonderful decision to have treatment using this marvelous alternative medicine. LISA CARTER, a dedicated and wonderful person, solved my problem with only one treatment. Now I consider myself free from that disease. It is going to be one year since treatment and I haven't had any signs of this problem again, thank you to homeopathic medicine.


Thanks a million to this wonder and to the dedications of the practitioner of HOMEOPATHY.




Ana Chandia



"Just a quick not to say thanks for the treatment. It worked - I am now less affected by the preservatives and my joints no longer ache. Appreciate your work"!


Lisa Rock